Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Trip

On a spur of the moment decision this morning I booked a car from Enterprise and this time it all went smoothly. They got the car ready for midday and picked us up in Llangollen, which was great because I only booked it at 7.30am today. Last time they messed  us about ringing the morning we had arranged to be picked up to say they didn't have a car even though I'd booked it weeks in advance! We had to hire from another firm although Enterprise did find a firm with a car available for us.

So we are currently relaxing in daughter Clare's house after a journey taking us from north to south Wales. Ben was a very good boy travelling in the luggage area of the Ford Focus we hired. We covered the boot  with a sheet and a blanket so no hairs will be left behind. Ben had got Clare and Eric playing ball with him so I've been left alone to enjoy the excellent speedy internet servive available in Newport. So I'm going to catch up on my blog reading.

Eric and I don't bother with Valentine's Cards. Years ago, newly married I asked him if he loves me, his answer.......well I come home don't I! But after over 40 years together I know he loves me........otherwise he wouldn't put up with me!

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