Thursday, February 02, 2012

Our Lovely Girls- Daughters And Grandaughter

L to R Clare,Teddy, Lisa, Gwenllian and Sally

I've been all the way to Newport for a dentist's appointment, travelling by train. The train from Ruabon was delayed for an hour, then cancelled and just as I was thinking it's too cold to wait two hours for the later train, a train arrived with Cardiff on it's destination sign. Apparently the original train was still  held up near Flint with a suicide on the line. We got to Newport just half an hour later than planned. After forty five minutes in the dentists chair having a crown preparation, I was out of there and heading for the railway station. This time no delays and the train was much warmer than the journey down.

I managed to get a photograph of our girls together, with no funny expressions or closed eyes.....very rare!

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bargeebill said...

lovely picture of your family