Sunday, February 05, 2012

No Snow In Llangollen

We've been watching the weather forecast and expecting snow but we didn't get a flake here, it missed us completely. Talking to family in south Wales they've had  loads. Never mind it looks pretty for a while but when it freezes  the problems begin.

Liz and  I had a mud larking walk around the Valle Crucis Abbey circuit with a diversion through a wood to cut off some of the road. We actually ended up walking further but it was a change. Our boots had grown heavy with the accumulated mud and the dogs were filthy. Ben even had mud on his back as he was carrying branches and we had to keep out of his way! On the way back to the boat we walked through the sports ground and a rugby match was in full swing. The lads were covered in so much mud it was difficult to see which team was which. I am glad It wasn't me that had to wash their kit. Ben and Connie had their wash in the shallow part of the canal, I know it was cold but they weren't bothered. At least we got rid of  the mud!

There's ice covering the water in the mooring basin but it's beginning to break up and come floating past the boat. Lucky for us it doesn't usually freeze where we moor. Back on the boat for a lazy afternoon and Wales won the rugby match in the last few minutes.

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