Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Last Days of February

On Monday the lines in the Beatles song 'When I'm 64' came to mind as Eric had his 64th birthday. Thanks for  the cards and presents. We know grandaughter Gwenllian is bringing a birthday cake when she comes to visit next week!  We're looking forward to seeing our daughter Lisa and Gwen is counting down the days until she comes on the train to see nanny and grandad.

Gwen taken by her dad

Yesterday Eric and I took Ben to play ball in the field by the mooring basin and walking back we saw Mo and Vanessa (bloggers) arrive in the basin on NB Balmaha. Coffee and macaroons followed sitting at the picnic bench in the sunshine......very nice too! We'd last met up with them on the Coventry Canal so we had a catch up chat discussing where we've been and of course our plans for this year's cruising. I say plans loosely as they can change, especially as the water shortages may affect where we can cruise. Just as we were walking back to our boat Graham and Jill on NB Armadillo arrived and gave us a wave.....more bloggers!

Boats are certainly on the move here at Llangollen with boats passing us at 8 am in the morning, not that we're asleep with the birds singing and the ducks pecking at the greenery living on the boat hull. I am sure the birds are singing earlier, they're up well before the dawn chorus. There's about eight narrowboats in the basin  now taking advantage of the free 48 hour off season mooring as it's currently £6 a night in season. as well as the unseasonal warm weather.  Llangollen is so busy in the Summer, it's not a place I'd like to be anyway, but we enjoy our Winters here.

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