Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've Seen The Sea!

Last time we hired a car it was Christmas and it was so hectic I never got to see the sea. If I didn't live on a boat, I would love to live by the sea! This time we made it despite being a cold, damp and misty day I've been to the seaside at Porthcawl. The waves were certainly crashing on the rocks but I forgot the camera again! It was certainly fresh and Ben enjoyed his walk along the prom even if we were freezing!

Porthcawl was the place of childhood holidays when we went with uncles, aunts, cousins,  my parents and my brother to occupy adjacent caravans for a weeks holiday. We arrived in a lorry as my dad was a builder and it had a canopy made of a tarpaulin on a frame under which we all sat down on various chairs and benches. It was a very bumpy ride and we sang songs such as 'how much is that doggy in the window' and 'she'll be coming round the mountain' to name but a few! Of course that mode of travel wouldn't be allowed today with health and safety rules. Sand castles, swimming in the sea, candy floss and fish and chips are the remaining memories of those holidays.

Back in Newport we had a get together at daughter Lisa's house as daughters Sally and Clare came to tea. Gwenllian our grandaughter was delighted to see Grandad Eric and we all got great big hugs!


Anne said...

conjurers up a delightful picture, in my mind's eye

Elsie said...

Hi Anne, nice to hear from you.....are you imagining us in the lorry, at the seaside or our family get together?

Anne said...


anne said...

that was a yes to the childhood seaside trip, v. Pop Larkins.