Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Busy In South Wales

What have we been up to the last few days? It's been a bit hectic as we've been dog walking, visiting family and of course we had the three monthly prescriptions to sort out. Our doctor's great as we get three months, I know many refuse to do this but there always seems to be a problem with getting Eric's cream for his cream at all this time. But it'll be all sorted with another prescription from the doctor..... to be collected Friday.

On Thursday I had my dental treatment finished with a filling and a cap fitted and of course my wallet is £177 lighter. I can't say I like going to the dentist but it's all over for another six months. Clare looked after Ben for us so we both go and get a haircut as Eric was beginning to resemble Freddie Boswell in the you remember the program called Bread.

The weather has been mild and walking the dog has been pleasant although the local park was very busy as it's half term. Ben loves Tredegar Park and enjoys a little paddle in the shallow edges of the River Usk. Where it runs through the park it hasn't got the mud banks you can see if you're in Newport City Centre, which means he comes out clean!

We've also been walking along the canal in Rogerstone where the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre is located. We enjoyed looking at the completed locks just waiting for some water. Work is ongoing to restore all the derelict locks on this section of the Crumlin Arm but I wonder if the work will ever get done to join it to the navigable section at Pontymoile. There's a long section needing restoration and money is obviously the main problem along with new bridges where the original ones have been lost to roads. Sorry there's no photos as I forgot to take the camera!

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