Friday, February 10, 2012

Brr It's Cold- Trevor To Llangollen Along The Towpath

This morning Llangollen was shrouded in mist, you couldn't see the hills, so we decided to take a bus trip to Trevor and walk down to Trevor Basin back along the towpath with the dogs. Connie and Ben were good on the bus, they both sat down but as soon as the bus stopped at Trevor Ben couldn't wait to get off. Today we didn't have to pay for the dogs on the bus but sometimes we do, it depends on the driver.
The new towpath last Autumn

It's really cold today and walking kept us warm, but I had a very cold face and nose, while Liz had very cold hands despite having gloves on. The expression cold hands, warm heart springs to mind!  Although it's now a mud free walk due to the refurbishment of the towpath  in 2011 all the way to Llangollen, Ben and Connie managed to acquire some mud. It took us  about an hour and a half in walking from Trevor with just two boats on the move today heading towards Trevor. No problems with one way traffic and queues today then in the narrow sections.

The main purpose of the canal from Trevor to Llangollen was to provide a feeder from the River Dee at Horseshoe Falls and it was far from easy to cut the canal along the slopes of the Vale of Llangollen but the Ellesmere Canal Company managed it. We passed Bryn Howel, which was built in 1896 for a local brick maker and later extended as a hotel. We also passed the Sun Trevor Inn which offers home cooked food and we're planning to sample some tomorrow lunch time with Eric and Nick.

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