Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I've been on a visit to Newport as I had a dental appointment today and now have to go back for a filling and a crown.......£179...... it's not cheap on the NHS! Luckily Arriva's Club 55 is back on until March 28th so at least my two visits will be £17 a time instead of £40 ( with a senior railcard). I didn't stay long just an overnighter giving me time to meet daughter Clare for coffee in the afternoon and then down to stay with my dad. Paula popped in with the mail so we now have up to date boat licences displayed on the boat as well as new insurance documents. The TV licence made me smile it's valid until 2016 as long as we continue to pay the direct debit to save paper. You can now receive it by email and view it online or print if off yourself.

My dad

My cousin Alison had a family get together at her house in the evening, organised as we only seem to meet these days at weddings and funerals as we'd had no weddings for quite a while. My Dad whose 83 was the oldest member of the family there, as his older brother isn't up to evenings out. I don't know how much he heard of the conversations as he also leaves his hearing aid at home.......deliberately. Lots of catch up chats with some of the the family, we'll have to do it again. Hello to Jen and Malcolm who read the blog, nice to see you both and thanks for the lift back to dad's house.

Eric stayed on board NB Bendigedig and had the job of taking Ben walking in the rain this morning. It's my turn tomorrow let's hope it's dry and warm.

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