Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upcoming Events........ A Barbecue On Llangollen Wharf

Liz, Nick and Connie are back after visiting a friend Heather on the Chesterfield Canal. They'd been called on to do a bit of lock wheeling as there were loads of locks. Liz said Connie looked at her dried food after being spoiled by a taste of  Heather's cooking. It didn't take her long to eat what was on offer as she rarely leaves food for long while Ben leaves his food until he feels like eating it.

A view on our Valle Crucis Abbey walk

Yesterday we did the Valle Crucis Abbey walk......again but this time we squelched in mud and didn't see anyone else. The road back to the mooring basin seemed to be longer than ever and then the dogs had a very necessary wash in the shallow section of canal used by the horse drawn boats in the warmer months. On the way back we noticed that there didn't appear to be any sheep on the hill with the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran on so  today's walk was soon planned.

The low lying mists

Today we walked up the hill......lots of puffing and panting.....with lovely views of the low lying mists. No sign of sheep so we walked around the back of the hill but there was loads of mud. We walked a short section of road down hill and then back across some sheep fields to follow a track then back down the hill and alongside Dinas Bran School and back to  the boat. As we didn't come back  via the canal dog washing place it was out with a bucket of warm water which ended up mud brown. I had plenty of mud on me too.

Nick and Liz are hosting an Australia Day Barbecue alongside the boats (NB Henry & NB Bendigedig) on  Llangollen Wharf on Thursday 26th starting about midday. If you're in the area come and join in. The 'grog pot' ( a hot punch) of NB Blue Toad fame will be awaiting contributions. Unfortunately Mike and Moira who started the trend in 2010 are back home in Tasmania ........just a bit too far away! I know quite a few bloggers are heading up to Llangollen but they've not got here yet! They're too far away as well when you can only move slowly by boat.

Australia Day 2010

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artymess said...

gosh that looks fun wish we were closer .....lovely pic with the mist..x