Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thursday, Friday And Saturday

On Thursday Liz and I took the dogs on the bus to Trevor and then we walked back along the towpath to Llangollen. Ben's used to buses now and hops on willing and sits himself down on the floor. My feet were hurting by the time we got back from the walk but I soon recovered on the boat. Ben enjoyed a nap after his walk. Eric had been busy doing the boat chores, emptying the cassette and filling up with water as well as doing the dishes. He even had a cup of coffee waiting for me. It was really cold and the wind was blowing in our faces so I had very rosy cheeks from the wind. In the afternoon the wind dropped as forecast which I was pleased about as the tremendous force of the gusts of winds we'd been having overnight worried me as I lay in bed listening to the row.

On Friday we were up bright and early as Eric was going on a day trip to Newport, south Wales for his appointment at the Eye Clinic. His train arrived at Ruabon on time but there was a delay in his journey due to someone being taken ill on the train in front of his. He was OK as he had an hour before his appointment. The good news is his eye is much better and he just has to slowly reduce the number of drops he puts in and they don't want to see him again unless he has a problem. He arrived back in Llangollen just a few minutes after Ben sat on the front step.......did Ben know he was nearly home?

On Saturday Eric and I went into Wrexham on the bus after we'd taken Ben for his walk.  We did some shopping before having lunch in Les's Fish Bar. You can't fault this cafe for excellent fish and chips, courteous service and prompt attention. They go out of their way to help the older folk with their walking frames- although we're not like that yet! After lunch we walked to Asda to do some food shopping before returning on the bus to Llangollen. Ben was waiting -we'd bought him some chew sticks, and as usual he was pleased we were back.

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