Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mud Larking Near Valle Crucis Abbey

Valley Crucis Abbey (November 2011)
Today we decided to don the waterproofs and the walking boots and head along the tow path as far as the bridge by the Motor Museum and follow the walk near Valley Crucis Abbey. Liz and Connie were up for it and prepared for the mud, just as well as there was certainly plenty of it! No living sheep in the field we walked through, although we saw one dead body or should I say what was left of it. Other fields had dead sheep only. They must move all the sheep to other fields when the weather is bad. At the moment there's lots of sheep grazing on the hill on top of which are the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran, which is something we've not seen before. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our two hour walk and the wind certainly blew the cobwebs away. We managed to escape the  rain but I got incredibly muddy as did the dogs. They had a wash in the canal when we threw some sticks, my clean up had to wait til later although we used the puddles to get the mud of our boots.

The photo was taken when the sun was shining in November 2011, today it was dull and overcast and I didn't take the camera.

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