Saturday, January 14, 2012

The First Frost Of 2012

NB Bendigedig on her Winter Mooring
Today we woke to temperatures of -3C and quite a heavy ground frost and the inside of the cratch had a coating of ice. The rabbits were under the bird table after some the seed we'd left for the ground feeders, while two robins sat on the table eating dried meal worms. They stayed until the blackbird came and then he was scared off by two big black birds- don't know what variety!

Nick was off hedge laying down alongside the Montgomery Canal so Liz and I were going walking with the dogs. We decided to walk the Valle Crucis Abbey circuit and it was a lovely crunchy walk rather than thick mud which made a pleasant change. It was great to see blue skies and sun after all the rain we've had.  The fields were white although we did have to walk through one which had been visited by the farmer's muck spreader. Lots of people out walking and we could hear a hunt in progress. A few of the dogs came down the hill to us, one hung around calling as he didn't know which way to go but eventually heard the horn and off he went. Another dog got caught up on a fence by his foot and was yelping but managed to free himself so I hope his owner looks after him when he gets home.

The rest of our walk was uneventful and the dogs were nice and clean so didn't need a wash in the canal. Just as well as the water would have been very cold today. Back on the boat at lunch time, with the sun streaming in through the's been a lovely day!


artymess said...

frosty mornings with blue skies are the best for walking .....and no mud which is a bonus My Gracie loves mud and just lies down in it !!...x

Elsie said...

At least it's not something smelly!

artymess said...

Yes ha ha thats the other thing she loves to roll in .....i read somewhere if you use tomato ketchup on fox poo before washing your dog it takes the smell out and it does work ...x

Elsie said...

Luckily Ben's never rolled in mud or fox poo.....yet! I'll remember the tomato sauce tip just in case.

Chas and Ann said...

Moore 2 Life, Rock n Roll and Seyella are all on the Llangollen heading your way! May go down the Monty first.