Friday, December 09, 2011

Wind, Sun, Rain, Hailstones and Sleet

Llangollen- a view from the canal

This week we've had lots of windy weather but we seemed to have escaped the dreadful storms seen on the news. There's been rain most days so it's been a case of donning the waterproofs for dog walking. This morning the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it looked as though it was going to be a lovely day and then suddenly the weather changed just as I was going out with the dog.  Hail stones, sleet and rain but no snow yet! Ben didn't mind having his coat covered in hail stones as long as we went for a walk.

We headed towards the Horseshoe Falls  walking along the towpath which overlooks the town of Llangollen. In the photo you can see 'The Bridge Inn' which does lovely Sunday lunches. On the walk we met some people enjoying canoeing on the canal, Ben was very interested in their floats marking out their course as he thought they were balls and he loves a ball. The River Dee was very fierce with lots of white water but nobody was mad enough to be canoeing on the river.

Can I have that ball? (it's a float)

Back on the boat it was time to dry off Ben the dog and leave him with Eric while I walked down to change my library books at Llangollen Library and picked up a loaf of bread to make a sandwich for lunch. After that we had a lazy afternoon and Mr Tesco did a delivery for us at four o'clock including  some bags of dog food. It certainly nice to have the heavy stuff delivered to the boat.

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