Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Sprinkling Of Snow On The Mountains

Hoar frost on an Ellesmere Sculpture
This time last year we were iced in in Ellesmere going nowhere and the above photo was the view from our window. Although the wind is icy here in Llangollen and there's a sprinkling of snow on the mountains, we have only had a few sleet showers.

Today I wrapped up warm and headed up towards Castell Dinas Bran with Ben the dog. He was all for climbing the zig-zag paths to the top until I called him as  my route skirted the hill side with lots of slippery mud. Back through a sheep field and then we walked down the road to pick up a footpath through some more sheep fields taking us back down past Dinas Bran School. It was a lovely walk as we didn't meet any people or dogs......so peaceful! As we came down past the school we had a heavy shower, it could have waited until we were back on the boat.

Ben needed a bowl of water to wash his feet and legs, he was filthy!  Soon though he was clean and fairly dry curled up by the fire with his head on my rag rug. My boots needed a clean too as I'd brought plenty of mud back too. At least we weren't slipping and sliding like this time last year. I've bought some spiky things to go on my boots to improve grip as I'd like to stay upright this year. Last year I had a fall and hurt my wrist which was painful for quite a while.

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artymess said...

yes it's unbelievable that this time last year our school was closed because of the snow .....take care in that slippery mud ....x