Friday, December 23, 2011

Mudlarking In Wales

Ready to paddle.....plenty of mud
Apart from shopping and visiting family I've been walking some familiar haunts including the Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve area which runs alongside the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. You may have seen the canal if you've travelled the M4 between Brynglas Tunnels at Newport and Tredegar Park roundabout and you've certainly heard about that section of the M4 if you listen to Radio 2 as it's notorious for accidents. It was strange for Eric to drive along as it's now got variable speed limits on this section of motorway.

There was certainly plenty of mud about and it was a case of me squelching with the boots getting heavier as the mud accumulated but Ben light footed through it. Luckily I'd planned our route back to include a paddle in a shallow section of canal and a bucket of water, a cloth and a towel were waiting outside Clare's house to clean the dog and my boots!

Eric's been busy with an appointment at the eye clinic and the specialist said 'oh dear' when he looked in the offending eye, followed by 'the iritis is back with avengeance'. Eric wasn't thrilled either as it can be painful and it means weekly visits from north to south Wales  for about six weeks. Luckily the one set of drops dilate the pupil and therefore ease the pain.

Today it's more visiting and a cleaner walk over Tredegar  Park with a ball thrower in the rain. Ben will be dirty but we'll be cleaner as there's hard pathways rather than mud. My dad will have to provide the bucket and the cloth when we get there!

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artymess said...

Have a lovely Christmas Elsie and I hope Eric's eye improves ....xx