Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Little Bit Of Christmas

A little bit of Christmas has come to NB Bendigedig with some dangling baubles and twinkly blue lights adorning the windows and a tiny live tree with lights and baubles on. Ben's not sure what to make of it so he just sniffed it. It's not big enough to be the kind of stick he likes to carry when we're out walking.  Ben's walk this morning was later than usual as the rain was hammering down. It stopped for a while so he managed a walk without getting too wet although he usually manages to find some mud and puddles to splash in. I'd prepared a beef casserole which was simmering nicely when we left ready for Sunday lunch.

After lunch Eric's caught the afternoon train back to Newport as he's suffering with a nasty cough and it's getting worse not better so he needed to see a doctor. If he goes to our doctor he doesn't need an appointment in the morning as it's an open surgery while in Llangollen it's an appointment which may be days away. He took advantage of the Arriva trains Club 55 deal £18 return between two Welsh stations but the deal finishes on the 14th of December. It's a pity because the fare is over £50 unless you've got a railcard or book in advance.

So tonight it's quiet on NB Bendigedig, Ben is stretched out on the sofa having a little sleep after a ball playing session with a squeaky ball.  I can't believe he still hasn't destroyed it as he usually bites through and tears any soft toys. Eric's staying with our daughter Clare but will be back tomorrow so I'm only home alone for one night!


artymess said...

pretty tree Elsie .hope Eric gets better by Christmas ....x

Elsie said...

He's just ring to say it's a chest infection, but he's got antibiotics so he should get better soon. The tree is a Tesco's plant but I like real rather than fake. Have a good Christmas.