Thursday, December 15, 2011

Connie's Back After Her Holiday

Ben pinned down by Connie (taken 2009)

On Monday Connie returned to Llangollen with her owners Liz and Nick and Ben was first to spot her return by whining at the window. They were soon reunited and Ben was delighted as they played as Connie was in chase me mode.  It was great to have our neighbours back, it's been very quiet here on Llangollen Wharf.

On Tuesday  Liz and I took the dogs to Horseshoe Falls along the canal towpath, it was very cold wind so we didn't fancy taking to the hills. Plenty of water in the River Dee and the water was certainly crashing over the weir. It was a good walk with lots to talk about as they'd been away a few weeks. While we were out walking and talking the coalman delivered some coal so we're prepared for the forecasted bad weather now.

Overnight we had loads of rain which meant it was hammering on the boat roof so I resorted to ear plugs. Today we were out for a couple of hours as we walked the Valle Crucis Abbey Walk and we didn't meet the ram on the hill which was good news. Connie was soon head down on the scent of something once we'd walked through the sheep fields, but she didn't go too far. It was incredibly muddy after all the rain, so we squelched along. Our route back was via the mooring basin so Ben and Connie could have a wash in the shallow canal to get rid off some of the dirt they'd managed to cover themselves in.

We came back to the boats to find NB Henry across the canal on a long rope as Nick was decorating a Christmas tree on the offside bank, it now looks very pretty. I wonder if we'll wake up to snow in the morning, we've escaped it so far.

Update on Eric- he's much better after the doctor prescribed antibiotics for his chest infection.

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artymess said...

Eric will have to wrap up warm in this weather...have you had snow yet?...x