Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve In Rainy Newport

Since we came to Newport it's been hectic and today was no exception, first I had to collect the presents from my dad's house. I'd bought and wrapped them on my last trip to Newport  and left them at his house until today.

Ben with his Christmas squeaky didn't last the day! (photo by Clare)

Next it was  Ben's walk as he needed to be exercised as we were out all afternoon at our daughters Christmas Eve Party as she was working over Christmas. The weather was wet wet wet and there we were playing ball at Tredegar Park........we must be mad. There were other dog walkers over there too.

The dummy tree ( photo by Robin)

We had a lovely afternoon made extra special by granddaughter Gwenllian opening some early presents. The Christmas tree was a little unusual as hanging on it were numerous dummies. Her mother's idea  was to let Father Christmas have the dummies in exchange for a pet so Gwenllian is swapping her dummies for a pet rabbit. 

I took some photos but didn't bring the lead to download them onto the computer......we always forget something! All that remains for me to write is we hope you have a................................

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


artymess said...

Love the dummies on the tree ...genius idea to swap them for a rabbit ...x

Elsie said...

Gwen loves her rabbit called Flopsy of course. No fuss about no dummies either!