Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back On NB Bendigedig

Yesterday after an uneventful journey we've returned to Llangollen. We had a few hold ups around Hereford but as our route was A roads rather than motorway it didn't cause us any problems. Ben was a very good boy travelling in the boot area (with the parcel shelf removed) just looking out of the rear window. I was surprised he didn't curl up and go to sleep but he did that when we were back on our floating home.We stopped on the way for comfort breaks and to pick up milk, bread and a cooked chicken for tea. It's nice to go away but it's always nice to be back home. We need a couple of days to relax after a hectic week. I expect our daughter Clare is glad to have her house back!

Today it was back to normal with a walk with Liz and Connie, not a long one as Liz is suffering with a cough and a cold. The weather further north is certainly cooler than down south, with a cold wind.  I've been busy catching up with the washing, it's just as well we've got a drier  although the shirts get hung up on coathangers so it still looks like a laundry. They soon dry with the heat from the fire.

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