Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back Home For Christmas

On Tuesday we did the journey by car rather than going by train to stay with our daughter Clare in Newport for Christmas. We weren't sure whether we'd actually have a car after a phone call from Enterprise telling us they didn't have a car although we'd had a booking since the beginning of November. They knew another firm so they gave us their number to ring them up and it was all arranged. Enterprise did actually pick us up as arranged and take us to the new place called 'Jolly Good Van Hire'.....they also hire cars! We ended up with a VW Golf with just 6,000 miles on the clock and as we only needed to show a driving licence it was certainly less fuss than Enterprise who always ask for several proofs of we'll probably be using them again.

The journey down was uneventful with no hold ups other than slow traffic through Hereford. Ben travelled in the luggage area with the parcel shelf removed so he was a very good boy. Basically it will be easier to keep the car hair free if he travels in the boot. He was quite comfy with his blanket and he had a few comfort breaks as it took us four hours to make the trip. It's quicker by train but not as convenient due to the lack of transport over the holidays and the fact that lots of taxi drivers in Newport don't want dogs in their cabs. The evening was spent relaxing, Eric's got achy arms as he's not used to driving a car on a long journey.  We had a chinese take away and Ben sampled the chicken in batter.

On Wednesday it was time to face the Asda crowds and fill up the cupboards and fridge ready for the Christmas festivities. First of all I needed to exercise Ben the dog so we headed for Tredegar Park with plenty of room for him to have a good run. We had the company of a 16 week old pup who wanted to play chase and come with us rather than her owner. Eric stayed with Ben in the car while I filled a trolley with lots of nice food. He thought I'd got lost I was so long but I had to make sure I got everything on the list as I wanted it to be my one and only trip to a superstore.

Eric woke this morning  with a sore eye so I made him an appointment at the doctor's in the afternoon. It's uveitis (again) and he's off to see the specialist at the eye clinic tomorrow. You can't fault the NHS in this case. I'm glad the shopping's done as Eric won't be able to drive with the drops they put in his eye.

We've been visiting our granddaughter Gwenllian this evening whose counting down the days or should I say nights until Father Christmas comes. Only four sleeps to go! It's great having a youngster in the family again as it just makes Christmas!

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