Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Trip To South Wales

Yesterday Eric caught the afternoon train back to Newport as he had another hospital appointment Friday afternoon. So it was just an overnighter at daughter Clare's house. They had a chinese take away so they didn't have to cook. Clare is suffering at the moment with a bad back........what a family! I've just spoken to Eric on the phone and he's on his way back to north Wales. But the bad news is he's got another appointment at the Eye Clinic next Friday afternoon as they're not very happy with how his eye is progressing and need to keep an eye on it!  

Today Liz was feeling better so she came walking in the woods with Connie. The dogs had a good time even though it started to rain, running in the woods while we took our time as it was a bit slippery underfoot and we weren't feeling particularly energetic. As usual Ben was interested in big sticks and Connie was following scents.

Now I am going to make a beef curry for tea- with a jar of Patak's sauce of course, so I know it'll taste OK. Ben will get a taste of the beef before I add the sauce, I know I spoil him!


Chris and Debbie, said...

Hope Eric,s eye soon gets better.

Christmas spent in a house was not as cosy as on the boat stuck in the ice at Ellesmere last year.

Here's wishing you both a very happy and prosperous new year.

Chris & Debbie.

Elsie said...

Thanks for your good wishes. We had a different Christmas too as we were in a house. I can't say I miss all the snow and ice when we were stuck in Ellesmere but we all coped. This year it's been much warmer and easier with the services nearby and we haven't had to worry about frozen taps. Let's hope the bad weather stays away.

Happy New Year Chris and Debbie