Sunday, November 27, 2011

Windy Weather In Llangollen

When I left the boat last Wednesday it was covered in leaves and now the wind has blown them away. Eric was right saying it was a waste of time and effort clearing them all off when high winds were forecasted.

Where have I been , you ask? Well I've been to Newport as it was time to pick up our three monthly supply of medicines waiting at our chemist. It goes like this, we post the prescription repeat to the doctors and the chemist collects it and fills the prescription. Sometimes it goes without a hitch but I usually find something is missing so I have to go back to the doctors!

Back in Newport  I had the opportunity to do some visiting and catch up with old friends for a lunchtime curry at Weatherspoon's. My daughter Lisa made me a lovely chilli con carne which Gwenllian, my grandaughter tasted for the first time. She had  more fun saying 'chilli con carne'. She was keen to tell me about the rabbit Father Christmas was going to deliver......let's hope he's got enough to go around.

While I was at Lisa's my daughter Clare came  visiting as did Eric's sister Paula who also brought the post. She was also good enough to give me a lift back to my dad's house the other side of town as I didn't fancy walking through the subways at nine o'clock at night. Lately there have been a few attacks in that location.

I didn't get to see my daughter Sally as she's out of the country with her job flying with Virgin Atlantic, but we'll see her in a few weeks as she's having Christmas Eve party before she flies off to spend Christmas somewhere exotic.

The next day I met my pals for a curry and a catch up and then did some Christmas shopping. I managed to do most of the shopping, it was so heavy I needed a taxi to get to my dad's as his house is a long way from a bus stop. It's wrapped and waiting in his house for Christmas Day when we return to Newport.  As usual I am cooking the dinner and daughter Clare will be helping. She's getting invaded for Christmas but she doesn't mind and she loves Ben the dog......hairs and all!

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