Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Quick Update

It's quiet at Llangollen Wharf this year with just six boats moored up for the winter although I know of one boat on her way to moor up in December.  The weather has been kind to us as we've only had one bitterly cold day, so lots of walking has been done. After our long walk Saturday to Trevor Rocks Liz and I  had a shorter walk the next day just enjoying walking along the flat towpath as far as Sun Trevor, the new towpath surface means what was an extremely muddy path in places is now a good walk. During the weekdays there are few people about but at the weekends it's still busy.

Some boat trips across the Pontysycyllte Aqueduct are still running from Llangollen Wharf mid week and at the weekends making the most of the weather and the canal being open as last year there was a stoppage until after Christmas. Liz and I took the dogs on the bus to Trevor and we walked down to  the aqueduct and then  back along the canal towpath but I forgot to take a camera so no photos were taken. The dogs had a great time, as usual Connie was nose down seeing what she could chase and Ben was carrying big sticks, or should as I say branches and you had to keep out of his way. He did leave it behind after a bit and carried a plastic bottle instead!

On Monday after his morning walk Ben stayed on the boat while Eric and I had a trip to Wrexham. Being in Wales bus travel is still free. We sampled the fish and chips in a cafe  before going to Asda to get some shopping. Excellent fish and chips in Les' and the staff were very friendly and helpful. It was nice to have some choice in Asda as the Coop is rather limited in Llangollen although there's a good butcher, fruit and veg shop as well as a very nice deli. 

On Tuesday Eric and I had a walk with Ben to the Horseshoe Falls walking  alongside the recently repaired section of canal where a new handrail has appeared possibly because of the sloping canal sides. On the way back we did a diversion over the canal bridge and through the field by the marina so Ben could have a wash in the canal as he was so muddy. The towpath has lots of muddy puddles which are difficult to avoid when you're a dog.

Today the coal man is delivering to us on the wharf, so we'll be all set for a few more weeks. So while Eric waits for his arrival, Ben and I are going out........walking or maybe I'll ride my bike!


artymess said...

i love reading about your life ....great walks .......x

Elsie said...

Hello nice to hear from you, hope that back's getting better. take care, Elsie x

artymess said...

Hi Elsie yes I am still off work but slowly healing thanks for good wishes...x