Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Misty Walk To Castell Dinas Bran

Looking  towards Velvet Hill
Llangollen becomes very busy at the weekend and the towpath is not the place to walk the dog. Today we headed for the hills and followed the track past the school and up along the part of the History Trail with a sculpture showing the way. Plenty of mud not that Ben cared!

This route took us around the back of the hill on which Castell Dinas Bran sits. It's prime position is on the site of an iron age fort. It was built in about  1260 by a Welsh prince and then abandoned and deliberately destroyed by fire in 1277 so it couldn't be used by the invading English. That's the history lesson for today.

Ben found  a bottle to carry
We then slowly climbed up the back of the hill, stopping at a seat for a breather while Ben patiently waited. A good place for a chat with my daughter Clare as the signal is excellent up there. A few walkers also appeared going slowly down the back of the hill being careful not to slip. Some were heading for the Offa's Dyke Path and Trevor Rocks.

A view of Trevor Rocks from the seat halfway up the hill
Ben waiting for me to catch him up!
The views from the top were misty today but I took a few photos before we climbed down the zig-zag path overlooking the town of Llangollen. The views are always worth the climb even on a misty day.

Looking down onto Llangollen
Velvet Hill with the mist clearing
 Back on the boat just in time to make a shepherd's pie for lunch and while it was cooking we had a tap on the window and it was the Julia and Mark of NB Poppy who are on their way to their winter mooring here too.

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