Friday, November 18, 2011

Just A Towpath Walk

A view from the towpath
The lift bridge.....always left up

Yesterday Ben and I went on a towpath walk just as far as Sun Trevor, Ben didn't want to go any further, he just stood and looked at me. At least it was a nicer day and Castell Dinas Bran wasn't shrouded in mist. The sun managed to shine and we had blue skies. On this walk we always pass the lift bridge which is left in a raised position as I think I've only ever seen it down once when the farmer was moving animals. Last year we had to tell an enthusiastic boater not to lower it as the sheep could then walk across it to escape. It's a case of leave the lift bridges as you find them.  We walked back along the towpath, it was very quiet as no boats are moving on this stretch of canal. Sometimes the peace is shattered by the youngsters from the school doing their run ........ but not yesterday.

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artymess said...

lovely place for the school children to do their cross country run ..x