Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another Walk- Trevor To Llangollen On The Flat

The Mandarin Duck family
This week Liz and I have been out walking with the dogs enjoying the beautiful scenery around Llangollen. On Sunday we set out for a less strenuous walk around the bottom of the hill on which Castell Dinas Bran stands and ended up climbing up the back of the hill to the ruined castle. We were trying to avoid the busy towpaths and give the dogs a good run. The views were great although we have had days when the mist hung low obscuring the hills so a walk along the towpath was a better idea.

On weekdays the towpath is much quieter although there's more cyclists  now the path is a designated cycle path. Several times a day hordes of teenagers run along the towpath past the boat to the lift bridge and retrace their steps back  to their school accompanied by their teachers. Ben watches them and barks as he does to anything that moves, often we shut the bank side curtains to shut him up. Eric and I managed to miss the children on our walk to Sun Trevor yersterday but today Liz and I  met them today.

Today (Wednesday) we caught the bus to Trevor and walked the canal from Trevor Basin back to Llangollen passing Bryn Howell and Sun Trevor. The canal is so clear you can see the bottom as there's little passage of boats in the winter months. It was a pleasant flat walk which made a nice change from our hilly walks. The hills were shrouded with mist but we managed to escape the rain which came later in the afternoon.

It was great to see the Mandarin Duck family still here- mum, dad and their male offspring. This month's IWA calendar has a picture of the drake amongst the Autumn leaves floating on the canal, taken by Eric although it does say it was on the River Dee.

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