Monday, October 03, 2011

A Woodland Walk In Ellesmere

Ben and his big stick
Today Ben and I went for a walk along the Mere Woodland Walk and we had a good time crunching through Autumn leaves in the sunshine. Ben found a big stick which he carried around for a while. There were loads of conkers around, don't kids collect them anymore. I know they can't play conkers in school yards anymore- health and safety gone mad!

A Sculpture in the wood
We came across these steps leading through the trunk of a tree and down some steps the other unusual sculpture. A sign said sculpture by water, more to come.

Another view of the sculpture

We walked past all the wild life on the side of the lake and spotted the steamboat Lady Katherine moored on the lake. She can only be reached by boat so she's quite safe.

Lady Katherine
From the Mere we walked through Castlefields and on through the Nature Reserve back to the canal. It's a lovely day although the wind maybe causing a few problems for boaters on the canal. Lots of boats going past the boat shouting hello and waving during the day but I find it quiet in the evenings with just Ben for company. Lots of chats with Eric of course on the mobile phone and he should be back tomorrow.

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