Monday, October 31, 2011

A Walk To The Horseshoe Falls

Ben paddling in the River Dee 'throw me a stick!'
Today we decided on a walk to Horseshoe Falls along side the shallow canal only used by wild life, canoes and the horse-drawn boats. Yesterday we saw the horse-drawn boats in action, but today the stables are shut up and the horses have gone to their winter pastures for a well earned rest. The dogs could run on the towpath with no chance of meeting a horse. Llangollen is much quieter today, half term is over and most of the visitors have gone.  Just a few dog walkers on the towpath and a few walkers on their way to the falls too.

Horseshoe Falls is a  crescent shaped weir rather than a falls and from here the water is taken from the River Dee to begin it's 44 mile journey to Hurleston. At the beginning  (or end) of the canal is a valve house which controls the flow of the water into the Llangollen Canal. Ben enjoyed a paddle in the River Dee in the shallows and Connie came in for a quick dash into the water and out hoping Ben would chase her. She was so quick I didn't get chance to take her photo. All Ben really wanted was me to throw a stick, but there weren't any about.

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