Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Walk In Wales- Whixall Moss

Ben and I in Wales
A little bit of Wales, looking at Whixall Moss
Ben found a very big stick!
Today we had a lovely cruise as far as Whixall Moss, the weather was kind to us with just some light rain showers and no wind. Eric and I took Ben for a walk in Whixall Moss which straddles the English/Welsh border, so we decided to follow part of the purple trail which took us into Wales. I say part of the trail as we couldn't complete it due to a sign on the section along the old tram line which said it was closed due to engineering work. At the entrances to the Mosses there are boxes with a leaflet all about the Nature Reserve which made interesting reading as well as including a map showing the trails. Ben found a very big stick too!

A Fox Moth Larva
Eric took the photos today and he spotted this larva in the grass, according to the leaflet it's a Fox Moth larva - not that I know anything about moths- I'll have to google it!

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