Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Tunnels, One Aqueduct , Moored Near Pentre

Yesterday after a change of plan we left New Marton, Liz and I walking the dogs and the men on the boats. We decided to have lunch at Poacher's Pocket and then carry on to just past Whitehouses Tunnel. We needed to get to Trevor before Anglowelsh's busy Friday for fuel and a pumpout for NB Henry. On the way we also need water as if the tanks are full then it's an easier trip to Llangollen as the boat is more level in the shallower water.

Progress for the boats was comparatively slow as there was a steady stream of hireboats coming towards them which meant lots of waiting at bridge holes. Plenty of room at Poacher's Pocket but the walkers arrived first followed by NB Bendigedig and later NB Henry and Nick who had come across a man in his undies in the canal trying to find a lost hammer.......brr it's cold! Out came the magnet and a very happy German family had their hammer back.

We had a lovely lunch and Liz and I continued our walk with the dogs blaming the puddings for our need to walk off the calories. I had a tuck shop specials with three different chocolate treats......highly recommended as was the chicken tikka. We walked over the Chirk Aqueduct to find a queue waiting unsure whether anyone was in the tunnel.We could the shape of a boat and worked out it was going through away from us so we walked through the tunnel to see what was going on at the other end. 

Finally through out came NB Bendigedig and a little later the deeper drafted NB Henry.  A boat had found it's way across the canal as the pins had come out and an elderly couple (older  than us!)were struggling to get it in so Eric came to the rescue and nudged it over so Liz could get the centre rope and then we managed to pull it back in just  as the young couple who owned the boat came back. They'd left their boat with parents to go shopping in Chirk but the pins had come out with all the boat traffic.

One more tunnel, no queues this time and we moored up for the night. We couldn't get satellite TV so out came the fish aerial  which found lots of channels but BBC wasn't very strong.  We're never sure which way to point it unless you can a house with an aerial nearby, so we could do with a signal finder similar to the one we have for the satellite signal. We did manage to see the weather forecast although the audio was useless, so we know it's rain today.

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