Sunday, October 30, 2011

To The Top Of Castell Dinas Bran

Castell Dinas Bran in sight
Yes I remembered about the clocks going back, up bright and early for a walk before lunch. Liz was game for a walk up Castell Dinas Bran so off we went with the dogs, past the school, through a field with some sheep, up a lane and along the track leading to the  large green area you can see in the photo.

Getting closer!

Nearly there!

We made it!
Every year we make this climb at least once, usually a slow process as we follow the zig-zag path up the hill.  Connie went walkabout with her nose on some scent or other, but she came back eventually when she was called.  Ben was more interested in a man and his ball playing with his dog and tried to join in the game. Ben knocked me over by running into the back of my legs but it was landing on springy grass so no harm done.

Back down the hill for a quick shower and a change of clothes as we were having lunch at 'The Bridge Inn' with Liz, Nick, Maggie and Bernie. It was very nice too, as always the Sunday roast is highly me.


artymess said...

lovely scenery .......x

Elsie said...

Yes it is, we love all the hills in Wales. It just feels like home!