Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reflections On The Monty

A swan at the Aston Nature Reserve
Today Ben and I left Eric on NB Bendigedig and went for a walk on the Aston Nature Reserve. He's full of cold at the moment. We saw pheasants and rabbits, walked on carpets of acorns and tracked through wet grass and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Ben waited while I took the photo of the solitary  swan with the water so still, it had a reflection.

Come on.....I'm waiting for you!

We walked back along the canal towpath to the boat, Ben got there first and posed for a photo by the boat. Staying put today enjoying the sun streaming through the's a pity Eric's nose is streaming too!

NB Bendi and Ben


artymess said...

lovely walk Elsie .....there was an article on the news which said about the bumper crop of acorns this year ...x

Elsie said...

There'll be some fat squirrels!

ditchcrawler said...

Is the Graham Palmer memorial still there beside the lock named after him?