Friday, October 28, 2011

Over The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Waiting to cross the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct
Yes it did rain yesterday, but we donned the waterproofs and continued heading towards our winter home. We parted company with Liz and Nick after the Fron Lift Bridge as they needed water and continued on ahead across the aqueduct to get the diesel tank topped up. We had to wait for a boat to come across before it was our turn. It was coffee time at Anglowelsh so by the time we had refuelled NB Henry had caught us up. They were having pump out  as well as diesel and planning to stay at Trevor, so we continued on our way and stopped at Sun Trevor. Not the quietest of places but convenient for Eric to get his eye checked out at Maelor. He tried to get an appointment at the doctors in Llangollen but the earliest was in ten days time. Not really good enough when you are in pain and it's possibly a recurrence of  uveitus which needs immediate treatment.

Already moored here is NB Blue Diamond on their way to their winter moorings too. A little later NB Henry came and moored up in front of us, they'd changed their minds about staying at Trevor. The towpath from Trevor to Llangollen is now that grey gritty stuff which is better than thick mud.It does mean that the number of places to moor has been reduced as you can't really hammer pins into this surface. Luckily at Sun Trevor there's rings.

Eric was quickly back from Maelor Hospital in Wrexham after a thorough examination of the offending eye by several doctors. They diagnosed an infection and a course of antibiotics so that's good news as uveitis takes weeks to treat.

In the evening we all had a boaters reunion at the nearby Sun Trevor with lots to talk about as we'd all spent the  summer cruising. We'll be doing a little cruising today as it's ever so noisy on this mooring it's so close to the road.

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artymess said...

would love to go over the aquaduct ..must be amazing views....x