Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On The Move.......To Frankton Junction

The Ellesmere Arm

Today we decided it was about time we had a change of scenery. First of all I took Ben for his last walk around the Nature Reserve woods, passing NB Liberty Belle and NB Blue Diamond near the waterpoint.  After that we walked down to the Mere and back along the Ellesmere Arm to the boat which was moored near the oak trees just around the corner from Ellesmere. Then we untied the ropes and headed for the BW Services before a trip down the Ellesmere Arm to get some big bags of dog food while Tesco was next to the canal.  We had some lunch and then set off while the sun was still shining. It was cold in the wind so Eric was well wrapped up steering the boat, even the gloves have come back out.

Cruising towards Frankton Junction
As we got a little nearer Frankton Junction Ben and I got off for a walk, it was actually warmer walking and Ben enjoyed sniffing (and peeing on) everything in sight. He also had the compulsory paddle when he found a spot with soft sides. We crossed the bridge before the junction and walked to the visitor moorings. Eric turned the corner and moored up in a space, there was only one other boat facing the other way. We've booked to go down the locks tomorrow, so I'll get my change of scenery.

Moored above Frankton Locks

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