Thursday, October 06, 2011

No Longer Home Alone

On Tuesday Eric came back minus his lump and complete with stitches which means he's off on his travels again next week to have them taken out. We met him off the bus and Ben was delighted to see him and so was I! It means my ball throwing arm gets a rest. I always find it very quiet without my other half, it's just that bit too quiet.

On Wednesday I took Ben out for a nice long walk and he then stayed on the boat while Eric and I  had lunch out in The Black Lion. It  made a pleasant change followed by a lazy afternoon. We just don't feel like going far until we know what's happening with winter moorings. The October 5th launch has now been delayed until the 17th - just three weeks before the stoppages start.

Today we've moved ourselves as far as the BW services to fill and empty things and get rid of a weeks rubbish. The wind is very strong so we didn't attempt a turn around but decided to moor up by the footpath to the Nature Reserve. The Ellesmere Arm is a bit of a no go area unless you want to listen to the noise of  a giant drill breaking up the concrete which was the base of the previous buildings and bulldozers moving earth around with lots of dust. Lots of noisy activity which can't be heard where we're moored.


artymess said...

Gosh get well soon that sculpture with the steps ....interesting ........

Elsie said...

Thanks for the get well message. Hope your back's improving too.