Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Montgomery Canal Restoration

Looking back at the winding hole (last at the moment!)
The canal sides with growing vegetation.
Looking back at bridge 83
Looking towards Bridge 84
Looking back at Bridge 85 at Crickheath Wharf
Looking towards the stile after Bridge 85
A stile across the canal route
The pictures tell the story of the restoration in progress on the Montgomery Canal being carried out by the Shropshire Union Canal Society and the Waterways Recovery Group working on separate parts of the restoration. We'd moved from Aston Locks to Maesbury Marsh as I wanted to walk along the canal to have a look at how the restoration is getting on.

Ben and I walked along the section which is at present in water but unnavigable to give the vegetation time to grow and of course as there's no winding hole yet boats wouldn't be able to turn around anyway. I can see the progress made since we last came down with sections of canal sides and floor in place.  The canal is beginning to take shape in sections which were filled with tree roots near Bridge 85.  After that bridge the route was crossed by  a posh stile with a slide so dogs didn't have to jump it, of course Ben chose to jump clean over it rather than go through the hole when the slide was lifted! The cows had access to the route so it was time to turn around and retrace our steps back to the boat.

Back on the boat Eric was feeling much better and decided to service the engine with new filters and oil changes. He's currently busy in the engine hole......time to make him a cuppa!


GO-FOR-IT said...

hi did you not take photos of the work done by WRG this year

Elsie said...

No idea who did the work on the pictures I took. Where was the WRG working?