Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just A Short Cruise To The Otherside Of Ellesmere

The need to fill and empty things made us move down past the Ellesmere Arm to the BW Services. We did a load of washing on the way and it was soon dry in the heat. We didn't want to go far as Eric has to go to Newport to have a cyst removed on Monday and there's a bus service from Ellesmere to Shrewsbury. He planned to go Sunday but there are no buses so he's gone today instead.

Not much going on here other than dog walking and food shopping. Castlefields now has cattle in but it's such a big field they're usually a long way away from the footpath. Of course we've been walking in Ben's favourite place, the Nature Reserve Woods.  Shopping at Ellesmere is a  really convenient place to stock up on the heavy items when you can moor outside Tesco. The Ellesmere Arm is full of boats and lots of people are enjoying the sunshine, which is highly unusual for the 1st of October.

Still loads of hire boaters about and we've already been hit by a Viking Afloat. All the crew said was oops! Sorry would have been better. I wonder how many boats they've hit since Whitchurch! I hasten to say there was loads of room and there wasn't a boat coming towards them.

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