Friday, October 14, 2011

An Email From BW

Last night we moored at Grindley Brook and tried not to moor under a tree but one branch was overhanging so we had acorns dropping on the boat roof for starters. Next the cows made loud moos in the middle of the night. We'd already decided to turn around at the top of the locks and head back for Ellesmere where we knew we could get a good signal for the Winter Moorings Online Launch.

At 16.57 this afternoon we had an email from BW (BW Moorings & Enforcement Teams)  basically asking if their records are correct in that we don't have a home mooring and if we do would we tell them so they can update their records.  If included information on the new  guidelines for boaters without a home mooring.......nothing much has changed really, just clarifying  'bona fide navigator'. Narrowboat World has the details on their site. 

Then it told us about the winter moorings launch on Monday 17th October  around if we didn't know! Oh for the good old days when a phone call to Diane at Northwich meant our winter mooring was arranged much earlier in the year. It was nice to have someone to talk to rather than this system where we book it online just three weeks before the stoppages start and hope we can go where we want. Doesn't give anyone any time to make alternative arrangements.

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