Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Down The Montgomery Canal

Looking up the Frankton Locks
We'd booked a passage down Frankton Locks for today so as we wouldn't be moving until about 12 o'clock Ben and I went for  a walk down the locks. We only got as far as Graham Palmer Lock before Ben decided he wasn't going any further. I sat at a picnic bench and phoned by dad for a chat while Ben waited by the lock. We got back to the boat just before the rain came down. About 11.30am the lock keeper was ready for us to go down the staircase locks. Colin the usual lock keeper is not well so he's not working at the moment.......I hope he gets well soon.

Going down the first lock of the staircase pair
We were soon down the four locks and we continued on our way to the Graham Palmer Lock and worked through it. Continuing on our travels we spotted a familiar boat coming towards us in the form of NB Blue Diamond with Bernie and Maggie on board. A little later we met NB Liberty Belle with Angela and Trevor onboard and I managed to get a photograph.

Angela and Trevor

We cruised as far as Aston Locks and moored up after the first lock. It's been a cold day today so the fire was soon lit to dry off our wet coats. We've had sunshine and heavy rain with some lovely rainbows and it's lovely and peaceful down on the Monty.


artymess said...

Ive never heard of the Montgomery Canal.......looks lovely....x

Elsie said...

There's about eight miles navigable from Frankton Junction on the Llangollen canal to just past Maesbury Marsh but it's slowly being restored. There's a section in water near Newtown and eeventually the twi will meet. They only allow boats to use the locks in a two hour window and the number of boats is monitored to protect the wild life!

Elsie said...

I menant eventually and two.... should have checked my typing's not good!

artymess said...

thanks does look lovely ..x