Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Cruise To Blakemere To Turn Around

Near Blakemere
Today we needed to use the BW Services but we were pointing in the wrong direction so we had a cruise past Blakemere to the nearest winding point. Ben and I walked and on the way Ben had a paddle and I threw sticks for him to get. He looks evil as the flash caught his eyes! We also heard the sound of guns and passed a shoot in the field by the canal. At this point Ben was walking by me with his tail down, he doesn't like that noise!

Ben in Blakemere

No problem at the turning circle as it's not windy today and then we headed back to Ellesmere to use the services and then moor up near Ellesmere as Eric is off to Newport on Monday to get his stitches taken out. No crashing in the tunnel today and I took a photo as the boat as Eric came out with his light still on.

Ellesmere Tunnel
We walked back along the towpath and got back on the boat by Blackwater Meadow Marina to go to the services. Ben had a play with another dog at the services until he had to go with his crew. The water tap is incredibly slow so it's just as well it was only a top up after doing some washing. Finally full we moored a little further by the oak tree, moored by a grassy towpath rather than the gritty surface which seems to find its way into the boat.

Ben waiting for me to catch up!

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