Monday, September 26, 2011

Wrenbury To Grindley Brook

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of rain , so it was a very leisurely Sunday start. We waited for the rain to stop and made our move at 11.30am, Ben and I walked to Marbury Lock after upsetting the locals by lifting the Wrenbury Lift Bridge. There wasn't a car in sight as I shut the road barrier but as I waited patiently for the bridge to raise the queue built up and by the time the three boats went through a dozen vehicles were waiting. Perhaps because it was Sunday I wasn't shouted at today!

As we approached Marbury Lock the gates opened as a waiting boater above the lock saw the lock was empty and ready for us. Not long after that we pulled in for a stop as Eric wanted to watch the Singapore Grand Prix. The dot in sky found and he only missed the first three laps. We decided to move on after the race as the sun was shining and I wanted a Sunday paper. So it was three more locks to the moorings below Grindley Brook, where a walk to the garage got me a paper.

A nice quiet spot once boat engines were turned off at eight o'clock. We did however get hit by a tidal wave as a private boater speeded past in the dark. The waves that followed him were like the sea! It took a while for normality to return after all the rocking and rolling.

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