Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Windy Middlewich Arm

Ben enjoying the grass!

Washing on the line (1)

Washing on the line (2)
Before we could go anywhere today Eric had to put a new belt on the 240v  Travel Power generator, it had lost the V's of the belt . This is the second one he's put on this year yet the previous Goodyear belt lasted four years. That done I could do the washing while we cruised the Middlewich Arm.

It's so windy today we decided to be green and dry the washing on  the rotary line. Eric hammered in the spike but after ten minutes the line was leaning over in the wind. Second try was putting it near the boat so we could tie it to the plank rank so it's not going anywhere. I expect it'll rain now!

Ben's sat outside for a while enjoying the grass but soon came in when I came back on the boat..............he didn't want to be outside on his own

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