Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend At Wrenbury

On Saturday we left our mooring below Grindley Brook Locks with an overnight stop in Wrenbury in mind. I cycled on ahead with a windlass and Ben the dog getting some exercise. It worked out well if  a boat was leaving the lock so the gates stayed open for us, otherwise the lock was  ready by the time NB Bendy got there. Sometimes people just don't look to see if another boat's coming, they just close the gates. Coming towards Marbury Lock on the bike I waved, but the crew still shut the gates!

Going with the flow of the water on the Llangollen Canal is so much easier and by lunch time we were moored up before the Wrenbury Lift Bridge. Eric found a satellite signal and just caught the qualifiers for tomorrows Grand Prix. The visitor moorings were soon full, you could hear stakes being hammered in when there were no more rings.

We've decided to stay put tomorrow so Eric can watch the Grand Prix. The weather forecast isn't good but Ben and I will still have a walk to Marbury Lock and back  before lunch. After that we'll have a lazy afternoon.

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