Monday, September 12, 2011

A Very Windy Cruise

Today despite the wind we decided to cruise, it certainly made an interesting afternoon as a few times the boat tried to escape the lock moorings with the force of the wind. We were in luck as the automated Wrenbury Lock was open when we got there so we just slipped through in convoy so to speak. Ben and I then went on ahead to use the windlass to open to Wrenbury Church Lift bridge and let the convoy through.

Then it was back on the boat until Baddiley Locks as the next section of towpath is a mud bath! We were following a pair of single handed boaters, but they both fitted in the lock so it wasn't too slow. Ben and I walked between the locks while Eric battled the wind. We did meet a few boats coming up the locks but most of the traffic was towards Hurleston.

Back on the boat until Swanley Locks and between the locks we passed NB Kelly-Louise, but we didn't see the crew. We'll look out for you when we return to Llangollen in October.

NB Kelly-Louise

After that it was stop at Burland Stores to get a few bits of pieces.......and some chocolate! The shopkeeper lives on a boat so it was good to shop there. We moored up a couple of bridges further on with the wind pushing us against the towpath side making mooring easier. Relaxing, battered by wind but we're OK!


artymess said...

Take care Elsie.....hope you are not moored by any trees it's supposed to be more windy later..........x

Elsie said...

The plant pots on the roof moved with the big gusts of wind! We were not near big trees last night. Take care of that back. Love Elsie

artymess said...

that's good pleased it wasn't too wet and windy ........yes my back is a pain, literally, went back to school last week and I think it was too much too soon .........Lorna x