Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Slow Boats To Ellesmere

Today we left Grindley Brook at 9.30am hoping to get to Ellesmere before the forecast rain came. The journey involved raising and lowering five lift bridges, some not particularly easy but I got there in the end. Only one,  across to the scrap merchant was a road, and of course two happy smiling car drivers waited patiently for the bridge to come back down. Not true of course they looked unhappy to have to wait! Ben and I enjoyed our walk but I was glad to get through all the lift bridges and get back on the boat.

After that progress was incredibly slow, we followed a very slow Viking Afloat boat from Prees Branch all the way to Ellesmere. Passing Blakemere a little Maestermyn Boat pulled out in front of us and they were even slower, we cruised on tick over as they couldn't decide which side of the canal to use ..........any slower we'd have been in reverse!

Yes we nearly beat the rain, it started as we pulled in to moor at Ellesmere.

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