Thursday, September 08, 2011

Moving On To Whitchurch

Up in the morning and  I decided to ride the bike with Ben the dog, even though the towpath was bumpy. We did about four miles before Eric stopped so we could back on the boat just in time for the first lift bridge of the day which is the road bridge to the scrap yard. I had to put the bridge down even though a boat was about 400 metres away as there was a queue of traffic.

Lots of speedy boats about in a hurry, some moaning about having to stop at a bridge as we were coming through, but we managed to have a very slow Viking Afloat boat ahead. It didn't really matter as we weren't going far. We stopped on the outskirts of Whitchurch opposite the dead tree near the motte and bailey marked on the map as it's usually a quiet spot away from road noise.

The boats continued to rush past, one going so fast we banged and crashed as the attachment to the Armco moved along so we were away from the bank. Eric got ashore and retied us! Peace came with the onset of evening, although the heavy rain in the night woke us up.

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SnowyOwl said...

I love these dead tree pictures, I have loads of them!!