Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Polishing!

Ben before he went walkabout!

Today the sun was shining but not on the side that hadn't been washed and polished, so before we left our mooring near Aqueduct Marina we did the jobs. It looks so much better as there was an unfaded section where the side hatch doors go back but now it's looks the same.

While we were busy Ben went walkabout without us, I just saw his tail  ahead as he went out of sight. I know we usually have a walk in the morning but he could have waited for me. I went to find him calling him and eventually he ran speedily past me to sit back by the boat, perhaps he thought I hadn't missed him.

Polishing finished we had elevenses and Ben and I had a walk to Venetian Marine where Eric stopped to top up with diesel, buy a bottle of gas and some bags of coal. Just one lock to do before we moored up for a late lunch and the sun is still shining. Hopefully we won't need the coal now we've bought some. 


artymess said...

that's a great pic of Ben ..the beauty of collies is that they don't go far .....I had a collie called Ben funnily enough many moons ago and he was the most obedient dog .....although he always pulled on the lead he never ran off.......the dogs I have now are less obedient ......gracie and sally ran off one day while jim and I were packing the car to go on holiday to Wales for a short break and we didn't find them for 7 hours we had to cancel going away I was in such a state with worry ..they were hunting in the woods having a right old time ......the disadvantages of having lurchers and terriers...x

Elsie said...

It was the first time he's gone out of sight without him coming round the corner to make sure I was still there!