Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moored At Ellesmere- A Quick Update

On Tuesday Ben and I walked while Eric steered the boat to Ellesmere where we moored up.We passed  bloggers NB Beefur mooring up at Colemere and shouted our hellos.I packed my rucksack and headed off to catch the bus to Shrewsbury for t athe train  to Newport in south Wales.  My blood pressure reading was required by my doctor and it was nice to go visiting. On my trip I had a little retail therapy, a visit to the seaside  at Porthcawl with my dad and a visit to see my daughters and granddaughter. Paula also brought the post including a package with some alternator belts .......just in case the generator chews up another one!

The seaside trip was an epic journey as we used our free bus passes to get there. First it was 45 minutes to Cardiff and then an hour and a half to Porthcawl stopping at every stop of course. We got there in time for a fish and chip lunch and it was a beautiful sunny day so it was very busy. We didn't walk very far, mainly because Dad was quite happy to sit in the sun. After a while I found a shady spot. The journey back too even longer but despite the journeys my dad  enjoyed his day out. The bus was very full, most of the passengers were free bus pass holders with very few fare paying customers. 

Today, Thursday it was another journey taking two and a half hours by train and bus back to Ellesmere.........a much more comfortable journey! The train wasn't packed and it was a pleasant journey with my MP3 playing some of my favourite Cd's.

Nice to go away but nice to come back, I always miss my man and my dog!


artymess said...

oooh for a day in Porthcawl ...thats brought back some memories ...I was born in Neath so Porthcawl and Aberavon were our days out .......I believe I can remember catching a train to Aberavon .....and the journey to Shrewsbury is fantastic Jim and I caught the Arriva train or two carriages ....from my Dad'a in Ammanford..a couple of years ago near christmas....its such a beautiful journey through the middle of Wales ......Hope that brought your blood pressure down ...x

Elsie said...

Yes I love the hills on route to Shrewsbury too. My blood pressure is fine as long as I take the tablets. I just have to have six monthly checks. We spent a lot of time in Porthcawl as kids so I love going back there. I do miss having a long walk along the prom as my dad at 84 doesn't want to go far and I don't like to leave him sat on a bench!