Friday, September 16, 2011

It's So Peaceful At Barnton Cut

Under a swing bridge
Going downstream to Barnton Cut
Moored at Barnton Cut Moorings
Down at the bottom of the Anderton Lift we turned right  and headed downstream to Barnton Cut recommended by the lady who arranged our passage down the lift. It's so quiet and peaceful and the water is so calm here with  no visible movement at all. Ben and I went for a walk to Saltersford Lock not far from our mooring, and on the way back the heavens opened and we got rather wet. Ben needed a rub down with a towel while had to put dry trousers on!


Anne said...

what a sparkling, clean roof

Elsie said...

Eric washed it not long ago and we've had some heavy rain so its had another wash. So peaceful here Anne it's lovely. Take care, love Elsie

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi There,

If you get the chance, try and see the chemical plant at the end all lit up for the night.
You will think you are on another planet.

The church is a bit eerie as well!

Regards Chris & Debbie.

Elsie said...

Don't know where we'll get to this week as it's all new to us!

Are you enjoying life on land?

take care, Elsie