Saturday, September 24, 2011

Five Locks And One Lift Bridge To Wrenbury

Ben and I walked today, first of all past Swanley Marina to the first of the two Swanley Locks. We were following a hireboat with four Americans on board and as they were unsure of the procedure we helped them through.  We caught up them at the next lock closing the gate on an oncoming boat, so I reopened it after I refilled the water that had leaked away through the leaky bottom gates.

Ben and I continued our walk reaching  the three Baddiley Locks and some boats coming towards us made life easier. It was back on the boat then to avoid the stretch of wet and muddy towpath just before Wrenbury. The first lift bridge was open and the lady let us through after her boat and we thanked her. We managed to moor up before the electrically operated lift bridge.

We locked up the boat and headed for the Cotton Arms for lunch and had a pleasant surprise to find it was a Lunch Club day, with two courses for £5. Eric had garlic mushrooms and I had a prawn cocktail for starters with Eric having rabbit stew, while I had chicken with a sauce for the main course. The food was delicious and  the other customers were friendly and chatty to, so it was a very pleasant lunch.

Back on the boat we ended up playing ball with Ben the dog, who was very pleased to see us. They do allow dogs in the pub but I prefer to eat my meal without sad eyes looking at me wanting some of my chicken.

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